The Top COVID-19 Scams to be Aware of Right Now

Posted by Melanie Klag on Mar 24, 2020 12:52:19 PM

The world is in turmoil right now. As the coronavirus pandemic ramps up, affecting all of us, hackers and scam artists also ramp up, exploiting the fears of people around the globe.

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Why Incident Detection and Response Should be Your Top 2020 New Year’s Resolution

Posted by Melanie Klag on Feb 13, 2020 11:19:18 AM
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Topics: Incident Response, SMB Cybersecurity

Why Security Awareness and Training Should be Prioritized in 2020

Posted by Melanie Klag on Jan 23, 2020 10:07:55 AM
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How to Improve Your Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance

Posted by Melanie Klag on Dec 11, 2019 12:00:23 PM
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Topics: "Cybersecurity", Security Operations Center, SOCaaS, Regulatory Compliance

CISO or vCISO? The Benefits of a Contractor C-level Security Role

Posted by Melanie Klag on Nov 18, 2019 8:53:16 AM
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Topics: Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, vCISO, SMB Cybersecurity

How Often Should Your Organization Conduct Penetration Testing?

Posted by Melanie Klag on Nov 11, 2019 11:16:12 AM

By now, you should know why your organization needs to conduct a penetration test (if not, read why here). But have you considered how often your organization needs to conduct a pen test? With data breaches on the rise and the ever-changing methods criminals are using to conduct cyber-attacks, having regularly scheduled penetration testing is necessary.

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Topics: "Pentesting", "Cybersecurity", "Penetration Testing"

The Weak Link in the Chain: Managing Supply Chain Risk

Posted by John Price on Nov 7, 2019 10:10:06 AM
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Topics: Supply Chain Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management, Risk Management

Why Local Governments are At Risk of Ransomware Attack

Posted by Melanie Klag on Oct 28, 2019 12:29:19 PM
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Topics: "Cybersecurity", Cyber Attack, Ransomware

What is Cyber Incident Detection and Response?

Posted by Melanie Klag on Oct 23, 2019 11:48:33 AM
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Topics: Compliance, SOC, Security Operations Center, SOCaaS, Incident Response, Cyber Attack

Why Your Organization Should Conduct a Physical Penetration Test

Posted by Melanie Klag on Oct 14, 2019 10:30:00 AM
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Topics: "Pentesting", "Penetration Testing", Physical Penetration Test